Student Summer Concert 2016

Yesterday we held our student concert at The Priory Church in Bedford. The concert was designed to be a celebration of each student’s  work  and achievements throughout the year and an opportunity to share their music with their family and friends.

Each performer played pieces from their most recent repertoire after which they were presented with a certificate and medal in recognition of their hard work. It was so  rewarding to see how much each student enjoyed their performance.

It is our belief that performing confidence is built from an early age and so we like to encourage even the newest students to come and perform duets with their teacher. Yesterday’s music ranged from Pauline Hall, Carol Matz and Martha Mier through to Beethoven, Bach Chopin and Mozart.

It is always hugely rewarding for me as a teacher to organise these concerts and see students grow in confidence and pride in their performance as well as gain motivation from hearing the more advanced students and understanding what they can achieve if they practice.

These events are also a lovely way to connect with and thank parents whose support is essential in their child’s musical education.

We wish all our students and parents a lovely summer break.

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